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Holly Tyne

Candidate Number 62246


Fine Art / Photography
Project Title  The Body
Section 1: Review (Approx 150 words)
Throughout Units 5 and Units 6 I focused on the human physique. My main focal point being the male figure – primarily body-builders. Initially I focused my attentions on fictional idealised characters. I am particularly interested in Marvel comics and how they portray the physiques of their characters. Following on from this I began to research more heavily into bodybuilding and people with idealised figures. From discussing my ideas and using my research I produced three large paintings using acrylic on canvas. The paintings included The Hulk, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chris Hoy. Each painting is completely different with regards to colour and positioning of my main image, however, I feel it is still in keeping with my interest in the idealised figure and I feel this would be clear to the viewer when looking at the paintings as a collection. Considering I had not worked closely with paints previously to this, I felt very pleased with what I had created and achieved and from this grew in confidence and feel I can now produce further paintings on a bigger scale.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)
For my Unit 7 FMP I will continue to research further and produce work using the human physique as my main focus. I will look more closely at women as well as men with regards to variation and contrast. I want to move away from conventional ideas of the physique and interpret my own views into a more modern outcome. Historically painters were always men and they used real life subjects to create their work. The male body was always rendered with that idealised, muscular physique and females were portrayed with curvaceous, feminine bodies. I am interested to see how today’s modern art compares with historical art in regards to the body and the controversial factors surrounding it. Keeping within my main focus of the body – Do people find it less socially acceptable for a women to be heavily built as men? Is modern art in terms of its meanings any different from that of historical art and what it is trying to convey? When you look at some religious art for example, its content is filled heavily with graphic scenes of violence and also sexual content. Is this really anymore shocking than what we see today in modern society? Researching historical art and its content will help me greatly in developing my own ideas to create an innovative final project. I will take inspiration from controversial artists such as Jonathon Yeo who uses images of pornography to create his work and how it fits in today’s modern society. As a contrast to the work I will be creating I will also look more at artists like Jenny Saville who paints the physiques of overweight people, usually women and look at the differences. I will also look closely at artist Michael Leonard who paints beautifully realistic images of the male physique. His use of format in his paintings and how he positions the figures makes his artwork all the more intriguing.

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Section 3 : Evaluation ( approx. 100 words)

I feel as though I have made vast improvements since the beginning of the course. The progress which I have made I feel is apparent in the work have I produced recently in comparison to when I began the course. Life Art was excellent in helping me develop my techniques and learning new skills and improving old ones. However, there is still many aspects I need to focus on, for example, smaller details like, eyes, facial features and hands. The tutorials have inspired me to concentrate on my areas of weakness and carry out more in depth research on a variety of techniques and focus on artists who I can learn from and be influenced by. The tutors have been fantastic support and shown me a genuine interest in my work. Their guidance has enabled me to continue my own personal interests and express a part of myself through my work. Keeping a blog is a brilliant way of refreshing me on work I have done and research and also a practical way for people to keep up to date with my progress. Blogs are extremely useful and I can see their necessity is important for the course. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and feel happy with the progress I have made. I am really excited to begin the research and work that will lead up to my final major project.

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