Artists Reference and Inspiration

Here are a selection of artists which I will be using to help me with my own work. I will use them as a reference for my work and also for inspiration in developing my own ideas.

Michael Leonard

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Eric Fischl


My Work – The Body

The Human Body is my main focus of work. I find the body intriguing and compelling. Drawing the body makes sketching and painting much more exciting than still life in my opinion. I think this is because there is not one body which is the same as someone else’s, therefore my work feels more diverse.

I will look at females instead of the male physique, which I focused on during Units 5 and 6. This will give me contrast throughout my work from the work I did in the other units.
Personally, I would rather continue to focus on the idealised male figure as I find them more captivating. However, as I did focus on the male physique in Units 5 and 6, I will focus my attention on the female body more for Unit 7.

I will use various mediums to illustrate my ideas and work.
I have become more comfortable using paints and this is something I will be using a lot of. I have got myself used to using acrylics. Therefore I will also work with oil paints.
From a tutorial I had with Richard, using oils will get me the finish I want from my work. Acrylic paints dry too quickly and this makes it very hard to blend, whereas oils blend very well and take a lot longer to dry. I am wanting to achieve a more hyper realistic look to my work. I want a more photo-realistic finish as I am so inspired by the work of Mike Leonard who’s work is so incredible.
I will also do a lot more sketching. I always use a standard HB pencil for sketching as I find I can get the desired look more easily as it is right in the middle. A HB pencil is not too soft and it is not too hard. I also always use a blender as this gives a softer finish than blending with your finger. The pencils I use always have rubbers on the end as I use these to create the lighter areas in my work. This technique is so simple but it is so effective.

I will take my own photographs whilst preparing for my FMP. This will enable me to have more control over the images which I will be using to help me in developing my ideas which will eventually lead on to the practical work for my final pieces.
I will have to find models who are willing to pose for me in certain positions that identify with the work which I am doing.
Luckily I am able to use a professional camera from a relative to take the photographs. Also, I am able use colleges equipment and a special photography suit if needed. The photography suit has professional lighting which will ultimately make my work visually better as the photos will be of a better quality.

My main materials will consist of pencils for sketching and acrylic and oil for painting, with the aid of a camera to get the images I need to prepare for my final practical work.