Female Body Builders – IFBB Competitors

*IFBB – International Federation of Body Builders and Fitness

Even though I have my own visual imagery that I was luckily able to obtain through people I know and friends, I still felt it was important to look into known athletes too. This way I could grasp an idea of how intense life is for these ladies competing in world wide championships!

Women competitors make very good careers just like the men do. They work seriously hard and push their bodies to the limits to achieve their muscular physiques.
I had a look at the top competing females in the world at the moment to get an idea of who they are and how they look.
You can tell almost straight away that these ladies are natural competitors because even though they have 0 body fat and are all muscle, they still have very feminine faces and sleek, svelte bodies. There is no masculinity about them like there would be if they were using muscle enhancers. When women use steroids and continue to use them, because of the male testosterone, their femininity begins to fade.
Their faces become more square and masculine. The muscles look bulkier and square. Excessive body hair grows in places a women would not always have a lot of hair. All these things would be app arrant with the use of steroids.


Nicole is a keen gymnast, athlete and champion in the body building world. She has won numerous awards including awards for world renowned IFBB

Her most prestigious awards are from competing in the IFBB competitions, including the highly respected Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

She is a four-time IFBB Figure Olympia champion! She holds the most titles in history for this award for the following years 2009/ 2011/ 2013/ 2014

I had a look at Nicole’s own website and she is very prolific athlete indeed;


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All competitors make sure that their skin has been tanned as this shows off their muscle tone and definition. The judges can see their muscular physiques much better.


Gina is also renowned in the body building world and holds an array of awards including the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic.

He has always lead a life of fitness like most competitors. She is a fitness expert, personal trainer and nutrition expert.


nwl2 nwl3 nwl4


At only 5ft, French is a power house of muscle! She has won many awards for body building, including the Arnold Classic, only coming 3rd place. However, she has taken 1st place for numerous other awards including IFBB Pittsburg/ New Zealand Pro Figure and Bikini competitions.



All three women have won different awards and the same awards. They all have had to work just as hard as each other despite how well they did when they did compete.

When reading about these women and looking at their own experiences, even though it is a somewhat misunderstood lifestyle, it seems it is a very positive one.

It seems the women who do compete help each other and want one another to do well.
A healthy lifestyle is obviously vital. The desire to look this way makes you push yourself in ways you wouldn’t normally. You have to really want to do it and really want to achieve it. SO i think that it is such a positive thing because all these people absolutely love what they are doing! Why wouldn’t you be positive? And why wouldn’t you want others to do well, when it all comes down to the fact that they are competing and heading towards the same goals.

Speaking to people personally it seems that they always inspire others. It isn’t just about looking a certain way. It is about feeling good, being healthy and being positive. Some people will obviously be very pretentious and cocky, especially when it comes to the way they look. But overall I think that most are rather modest and what to use their experiences to help others.


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