Framing Linear Drawings for the Exhibit

I had a discussion with Richard regarding my drawings and how they would be presented. Because of the way the drawings have been done, I knew they would look really effective in white frames which luckily were being used as part of displaying work for the exhibit.
We looked at some existing frames that were already in the studio to get an idea of how my drawings would look.
Jo and Jamie would at some point be making a trip to purchase more frames for everyone’s work. Initially I had asked for 3 A3 frames. Richard pointed out that A2 would actually be more effective, then the image would not look squashed up in the frame. I measured an existing frame which was perfect for my drawings. It measured 16.5 Inches across by 20.5 inches.

Two students very kindly went out to purchase all the frames for everyone. A small space in the studio had been kept closed off for students to prepare work that needed to go in frames. Then it would be protected and not at risk of being damaged whilst it was being framed.
I used this space when the frames were available.

IMG_1771 IMG_1775IMG_176911329581_483953101753999_1725525471_n

Before I put the drawings in the frames I made sure to wipe the glass first because there were little bits of dust on and these showed up quite noticeably on the glass.

Luckily the frames came with mounts. These really added to the effect when the drawings were in the frames. My friend Georgia assisted me whilst I framed all three of my drawings so I knew that they were in the correct position.


When they were all framed and put together the drawings looked even better. I was really happy with the outcome and my tutors were really positive and excited about how they looked and how well they would go in the exhibit alongside my paintings of Rhea.


Along with my tutors we thought they would look best with the two drawings of Rhea on the outside and Yvette in the middle.

IMG_1777 IMG_1776

Because of how Rhea is positioned in the drawings it leads your eyes across each drawing and encircles Yvette in the middle which works really well.


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