Preparing The End of Year Show

Everyone in the Foundation course had to get suck in and help prepare the studio in time for hanging everyone’s work. I managed to get some photos of this taking place.
The studio looked completely different when it had been cleared. All the tables had to be moved out. Any work which was not being hung or included in assessment had to be taken home.
The room had be swept clean so that the cleaners could come in over half term and give the studio floor a proper clean.
Large white boards were put up all around the room so that work could be hung up.
All of these boards needed sanding down and painting.

Some of us also had to make a journey to the church in the center of town to bring back work  which had recently been displayed for an exhibit by tutors and other students.

I managed to help with some of the painting and covering some of the center of the boards where they join to make them look tidier and more professional.


Jo and Jamie had to have a lot of discussions with students where their work would look best when it was displayed.
You realise how much work goes in to setting up and preparing an end of year show.


It was nice to be able to do this as it gave everyone a break from all the practical work which had taken place over the last few weeks in time for the end of term. It was great to see the room making a transition from a busy work place full of students doing all their work to a clean and professional looking exhibit space.
It takes a lot of hard work and preparation to achieve what the tutors imagine in their minds as to how the exhibit should look.

It shows you also how important it is to be patient and also understanding of certain decisions what need to be made with regards to work being hung and how we all need to co-operate and work together.


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