Photographing Yvette

My tutor Sally put me in touch with a lovely lady called Yvette. Yvette is very much into the fitness lifestyle and has been since she was young. She has a fantastic muscular physique which was perfect for my research. She was very kind as to let me take photos of her. We did plan to go out somewhere and get some good shots outdoors, but because of both our busy schedules this was unable to happen. So we found the best option was to in fact go to where Yvette worked and take the images there.
This worked out fine and I was able to get the shots I wanted.
Yvette has had quite a lot of photographs taken of her in the past and felt more than comfortable letting me photograph her. She, like Rhea, was very happy to pose in certain positions that accompanied my ideas and previous sketchbook ideas.
The following images are all form the one session I had with Yvette.
We had planned to meet up again to get even more shots but again, because of both of our schedules this unfortunately didn’t happen again. However, from the images I got of Yvette I was able to create some strong  practical work and develop my sketchbook work and ideas.6 1 2 3 4 5 IMG_8845 IMG_8846 IMG_8847 IMG_8848 IMG_8849 IMG_8850 IMG_8851 IMG_8855 IMG_8856 IMG_8857 IMG_8858 IMG_8859 IMG_8860 IMG_8861 IMG_8844 IMG_8841 IMG_8842 IMG_8843 IMG_8852 IMG_8853 IMG_8854  IMG_8835 IMG_8836 IMG_8837 IMG_8838 IMG_8839 IMG_8840

Yvette has an amazing physique as I am really happy with the images I was able to get of her. I was so grateful to her because I was able to get some really good ideas for my sketchbook and develop these ideas into work for my FMP.


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