Photographing Rhea

I was able to take photographs of a fellow foundation student to help me with my FMP work. Rhea very kindly posed for me using a special photography suit and also using college camera equipment.
My tutor Jo helped me set up the equipment and get the lighting correct. I wanted enough light on Rhea but also I wanted to be able to see shadow too. Shadow is very important when painting especially as it helps you create the image more accurately.

The following the photos are all from the one shoot which I did with Rhea.

IMG_5748 IMG_5749 IMG_5750 IMG_5710IMG_5711 IMG_5712 IMG_5713 IMG_5714 IMG_5715 IMG_5716 IMG_5717 IMG_5718 IMG_5719 IMG_5720 IMG_5721 IMG_5722 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5727 IMG_5728 IMG_5729 IMG_5730 IMG_5731 IMG_5732 IMG_5733 IMG_5734 IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5737 IMG_5738 IMG_5739 IMG_5740 IMG_5741 IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5745 IMG_5746 IMG_5747

I was able to put Rhea into specific poses which I felt were more interesting than your classic poses. I want to show more motion in the images I would be creating fro the photos I took. Rhea was a very co-operative model and she was really patient and also had some good idea which helped me when I was taking the photos.
I was really grateful Rhea let me take these pictures because I thought that it was really important that I use my own photographs for my FMP work. I got a great range of photos from Rhea and from these was able to create some great ideas in my sketchbook and eventually take those ideas and transfer them into canvas’ using acrylic and also into some linear drawings.


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