Problems I met and resolved whilst painting Yvette

Using oil itself can be quite a battle, especially when you are not used to them. So throughout the process I found it a constant challenge as the colors are mixing all the time even when you don’t want them to.


Because the tone of skin was a complete contrast to the color of Yvette’s clothing, it was noticeable when the colors mixed together so I found myself correcting this constantly. It was making a brown-grey sort of colour along the edges of the top where it met the skin,
To get the most accurate an clean effect i made sure that the colors hadn’t mixed when I was finished and just touched it up where it was needed.

IMG_1448  IMG_1621Yvette has her left, blue trainer showing on the photo. Because the photo was just a standard 4×6 size, it was very difficult to see any detail or tone in the image. So I decided to fashion my own shoe instead. I am glad I did because I was able to give it more tone and shape.


From my final outcome to how it would have looked had Richard not given his input, the painting would not have looked any where near as good. The colors of the skin are so much more accurate and professional looking. Yvette looked more like a cartoon before.
The color needed building up more just like when I have worked in acrylic.
IMG_1448IMG_1621 When you compare the photo to the painting you can see how they compare much more accurately. Yvette’s skin tone is more olive looking. Before I had made the improvements it was more red and peachy looking.

I am really happy with how it looks thanks to the advise I was given and followed through with.

Finally, the background was the main issue that really changed the way my painting looked.

IMG_1601 When I look at how the background effects the way the overall image looks, it really makes you think of how you can improve it.
The pink along with the black and the yellow tiles just take over the main focus and drown out Yvette. I panicked thinking that I had ruined the whole painting and was running out of time to correct it. Sally had so much confidence in me and reassured me that I would be able to change I plenty of time and make it so much better.

I decided that I wanted a much more toned down and subtle background. Something similar to that of Rhea’s.

IMG_1192 The background, even though colorful, does take away from the main focal point which is Rhea. I wanted to achieve this with Yvette also.

So I decided that a simple grey tone would compliment Yvette the most and that I would try and fade out the bold tiles.
IMG_1618IMG_1619IMG_1620IMG_1621 I just mixed a light grey using acrylic and washed over the pink and then worked back through with darker grey tones so that it didn’t look like one flat color. I darkened the edges slightly and also put a very light grey over the tiles to create a more subtle color.
I am so pleased with the outcome and that I followed Sally’s advise.


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