Painting Yvette

I had planned to complete 3 large scale oil paintings for my FMP of Yvette. I wanted to take the best images from the photos I took and produce the paintings from those images.
Unfortunately I was only able to produce one. I had not used oil paints before and was not very familiar with them. I came across some issues whilst I was painting and it took a lot longer than I  had anticipated.
I spoke to Richard about my concerns as I was really keen to get more oil paintings done. He reassured me that it was all about the quality of the work I was producing and not necasserily about the quantity. Keeping this in mind I focused on the one painting of Yvette to make sure it was a s good a quality as I could possibly make it.
Part of me was a bit disappointed that I only produced one are painting by the end. However, it was all good experience and learning and from that I can take away what I have learned and use this in future work which I may produce.


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