Line Drawings

Out of everything I have done artistically, drawing is the medium I feel is my strongest and that I am most comfortable and confident in doing.
I though that doing some linear drawings would compliment my other work.
I hadn’t planned for my paintings of Rhea to be included in the end of year exhibit but they are being displayed which I am really pleased about and I produced some good quality line drawings to be displayed with them.

I decided to keep them as simple line drawings with added pressure at certain points where there may be more shadow. I decided not to use any shading but I kept in the construction lines that helped me get the correct proportions. I thought that this gave the drawings a more contemporary feel. The final drawings look very clean and I think this is because of the simplicity of the images.
I decided to draw several imaged of Rhea on one piece. It shows her in similar positions but from different angles.






I did a large scale drawing of Yvette which did not go as I had hoped and planned. I used this same image to create a linear drawing.
I am so happy with this outcome and prefer it so much more to my more detailed drawing which I did.
Again, I left in the construction lines and added pressure to my pencil where there would be more shadow.


Marvel, comics and fantasy art is what I have always been attracted to and I had a real urge to do some comic sketches but knew I couldn’t include this in my FMP exhibit work. I knew that I would not be able to include this drawing in my FMP work or for the exhibit but I absolutely loved drawing it and it was good experimentation as I did this one first. It looks so clean and it reminds of me of a tattoo stencil.


My dad Michael, has always been a fitness fanatic. When he was younger he competed in a bodybuilding competition. He had a professional picture taken for the event and I thought I would use it as part of my research.
Again, I knew I would not be able to include this as part of my FMP exhibit work, but it was good practice and I can use both this and wonder woman as reflection and research pieces for my sketchbook.

For all of these drawings I used a HB pencil. This is because the lead is not too soft and not too hard. It gives a nice clean finish and when used gently is easy to erase if need be. I used a ruler for the construction lines. The paper I used was really good, thick quality paper called……


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