Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta - Self Portrait

Frank Frazetta is my all time favourite artist. His work is what first inspired me to want to draw. I was familiar with his work fro a young age as my dad was always into Fantastic Art.
I love the way he created awesome and muscular characters in his work. He created really impactful works of art. They ranged from drawings to paintings and to work for the media.
What struck my attention initially was the figures he had in his work. Idealised figures of the male and female form.
Frazetta created very iconic imagery for the character of Conan, created by Robert E,Howard back in the 1930’s. His images were used for book covers and promotional work for the media and his own personal work too. The males in his artwork were more often than not very sullen and hard looking with extremely muscular and idealised physiques. They were portrayed as being rather mean with a frightening demeanour.

The women were very curvaceous, with large breasts and very round bottoms, but they always also had quite a muscular form too.
Frazetta’s art also had a running theme of sexuality which often oozed through his work.
Luckily we have lots of Frazetta books at home which I have admired for a long time and that have been very helpful in my research, personally and for the Foundation course.


The amount of work which Frazetta produced is phenomenal. These are just a very small collection of his works, there are many more books than this. Here are some of my personal favourite works of Frazetta’s from these books;

Reassembled Man, Book Four

Untitled, Book Five

Nude, Book Five    

Tarzan and the Ant Men, Book Three  

Dark Kingdom, Book Two

Untitled Sketches From Book Four

Untitled Sketches from Book Three

I remember Frank Frazetta from when I was younger and I think he really did inspire me artistically. Fantastic Art has so much appeal to me and think that is because you can explore ideas more prolifically because it is a made up world that has come from the imagination and that is what I love about it!


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