Female Bodybuilding – Yvette

Yvette was very kind to let me photograph her in her free time. We had planned to meet again for a further photo shoot in another area to try and get some better shots, but unfortunately because of her work schedule and also my work and college schedule, this didn’t happen again.

But from the photos I took myself I was able to create a large oil panting which will be hung in the exhibition and go towards my FMP work. I also created a linear drawing of Yvette which will also be hung in the end of year show.

After I had taken my photos, Yvette went on a photo shoot with a friend and again very kindly sent me the photos to help with my work. I had already completed my practical work for my FMP but I was able to use them to help me build up more work in my sketch book. Even though I was not able to use them for my FMP, I could still display my ideas and development in my sketchbook and continue my work right up until the deadline which I thought was really important and this also gave me the chance to carry on drawing which I love to do.

The above few photos are fantastic and really colourful! This was what we both would have liked to have done if we had got the chance to take more pictures.

The following four images are from Yvette working out in the gym. Again she sent them to me so that if I did need more materiel I could use them. She was really helpful and this helped me greatly developing my ideas!

y1 y2 y3 y4


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