Drawing Yvette – Problems I met

I wanted this particular piece to work as drawing is what I enjoy the most and feel really comfortable and more confident with above anything else. So when I began making errors it got quite frustrating.
As I got more into the drawing I noticed the paper which I was using really wasn’t suitable. I hadn’t realised cartridge paper was quite delicate, especially with the techniques that I was using.
Because I was doing a lot of shading and rubbing out to get the effect of light it was damaging the paper. After a while the paper just began looking dirty and grey and had a mottled effect from the paper being damaged. I tried to correct my mistakes but this was just damaging the paper even more. Even if I used my rubber to take away something I wasn’t happy with, the area would just go grey form the pencil and it was beyond correcting.

I spoke to Richard and told him about the problems I was experiencing. He said that because I was using my fingers to blend the pencil this would also be contributing to the damage on the paper. This is because of the natural oils that are on our skin and that it was effecting the paper when I used my fingers to blend. I did try and use my blending stick as much as I could instead of my fingers.

The blending stick is such a helpful tool and does give a really soft effect. Especially considering the effect I want which is that realistic look.


This is the final image of my sketch. Honestly, I am disappointed with the outcome of my sketch. This is mainly down to the paper which I used. I feel it just ruined the overall look of my drawing. It was quite frustrating as I really wanted it to look more photo realistic and I think that if I had used better quality paper instead I would have achieved this look.

Also, because Yvette’s top was black, I found it very difficult to give it tone and shape. I feel that when I look at the image, her top just looks flat and takes away any realism in the drawing. I had to look really closely at the photo to see any sort of tone and shadow that would allow me to make the top look more realistic. This is a problem I have found with black in the past.

arnie This is an acrylic painting I did of Arnold Schwarzenegger in units 5-6. In the photo which I used to produce my painting, Arnold’s pants had barely any tone and when I first painted them they looked flat and unrealistic. So I added grey to create more shape and tone because before, the black colour took away from the overall outcome of my painting.
From the paintings I have done already I have found that even a good quality photo which I am reproducing can pose problems. It is sometimes hard to see small details which, when doing a larger scale painting can be tricky to interpret. So using my own initiative and through skills I have learned, it is just sometimes best to render something how you think it should look, especially when needing to make improvement. For example Yvette’s top and Arnie’s shorts.


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