Drawing Yvette – A3 Cartridge Paper

Steve encouraged me to go straight into a large scale pencil drawing as I had done quite a lot of practice sketches in my sketch book. I felt quite confident in doing this. I wanted a good image of Yvette which I had taken.

d2 This is the image I decided on. I thought that it showed of her muscular physique well and was an interesting and unconventional pose.

Yvette is quite heavily tattooed. I made a choice not to include her tattoos. One of the reasons being time and that I wanted to concentrate more on the body instead of the tattoos. Also because this was my first large drawing I wanted to focus more on getting Yvette’s likeness and I didn’t want the tattoos to take away the focus from my drawing of Yvette.


As I got more into the drawing I noticed the paper which I was using really wasn’t suitable. Because I was doing a lot of shading and rubbing out to get the effect of light it was damaging the paper. After a while the paper just began looking dirty and grey and had a mottled effect from the paper being damaged.

I spoke to Richard and told him about the problems I was experiencing. He said that because I was using my fingers to blend the pencil this would also be contributing the damaging the paper. This is because of the natural oils that are on our skin and that it was effecting the paper when I used my fingers to blend. I did try and use my blending stick as much as I could instead of my fingers.

The blending stick is such a helpful tool and does give a really soft effect. Especially considering the effect I want which is that realistic look.


This is the final image of my sketch. Honestly, I am disappointed with the outcome of my sketch. This is mainly down to the paper which I used. I feel it just ruined the overall look of my drawing. It was quite frustrating as I really wanted it to look more photo realistic and I think that if I had used better quality paper instead I would have achieved this look.

But despite this outcome it was good trial and error and I have learned from this what not to do next time. I think I was about half way through my drawing when I realised the paper was getting too damaged for the image to ever really look how I wanted. However, instead of just leaving it as it was I wanted to finish it.

Both Steve and Richard gave me helpful advice regarding my work.
Richard encouraged me to use a wider range of pencil. I was used to using just a HB pencil along with my rubber and blender.
But after speaking to Richard I introduced even softer pencils to get the darker areas of the image even darker.


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