Mike Leonard – Sketch Work

I am so glad that Richard introduced me to Mike Leonard’s work. Not only does he have a passion for the male physique but his technique is what I would like to progress towards.

ml5 ml4 ml3 ml1 ml

They have a polaroid photo look to his sketches. And the background has a slightly mottled effect which I really like.

ml5 This is my favourite piece out of the collection. I like the way he uses motion as always. And also the way he has blended the pencil so that it fades out towards the edges. It has a more unfinished look and I think this is a great effect to use. I don’t always think that you need your work to have a completely finished look depending on what it is.

I am also going to use this technique in my work and see if it gives me the desired effect and whether I feel it is good enough for my FMP work.


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