Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl is a very talented painter. He focuses his work on the human form. He always paints scenes where there are several things going on amongst different people instead of just focusing on one person in particular.

The following paintings are from ‘Scenes from Late Paradise’

ef1 ef

I like the way it looks like any other scene from a beach holiday. However, the fully nude male suggest this may have been a nudist beach!


Some of his work does have a very sexual theme. The above painting for example shows the back of an obviously nude woman who without having seen her face is obviously looking at the man walking towards her. In a lot of his other paintings there is this rather flirtatious theme running through his work.

One of his collections of paintings is titled ‘The Bed, The Chair, Projection’
It is most definitely implying that this is about a sexual relationship. And the images are explicit in a quite a subtle way. I mean that without painting the act itself it is completely obvious that this is what this particular collection is about.

ef4 e5

I think the way he uses this sexual reference in a subtle way is what makes his work intriguing. There is a narrative to his work is really interesting and this sexual theme runs through most of his collections.

His technique is simple but the outcome is brilliant and to look at them from a distance they have a very detailed look.


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