Drawing Yvette

Steve got me some very large cartridge paper to use to began my large sketch of Yvette. Cartridge paper is good because it isn’t a smooth material. I does have a slight rougher texture to normal paper which allows for a very nice finish to your work.
However, the only issue I have found with using cartridge paper is the effect rubbing out has on it.


Because of the blending involve it does start to aggravate the paper. So when I came to use my rubber to create the lighter tones, it brings away the paper slightly and creates this mottled effect. I am hoping that using my techniques and having a gentler approach this won’t effect the finish on my work. If this is the case and I am happy with the outcome I may use it as part of my FMP work. I may find that the cartridge paper is just not suitable and will therefore find a better paper to wokr on.


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