Painting Rhea – Problems I met and resolved

I found that even though it was good I had the time to continue my painting at home due to my own materials, I came across some issues.

The  main one was the lighting.
At home, I sit next to a big window in the dining room which during the day lets a lot of natural light in which is perfect for working. However, once it started getting darker and I had to use the main light of the room, I found It did effect my work. It is as though the artificial light was a boundary that didn’t let me fully see the work I was doing therefore it had a negative effect on the colours I was using. And it wasn’t until I saw the paintings in natural light again that I realised this was the case.

The main college studio we use during the day has fantastic natural light because of the large windows so it is perfect for painting because you feel that you can really see and focus on the work you are doing. Whereas artificial light doesn’t have this at all. It is hard work and does not contribute to a good outcome on your work.

When I came back to college after half term I had a tutorial with Richard and with Steve.
They had really positive feedback on the paintings that I had done. Richard gave me some very interesting and positive criticism which helped me greatly.
He mentioned that the tones in the paintings were a bit too dark and there needed to be more light. I did agree and Richard helped me initially in changing the paintings to improve them.

I told him about the issue with the lighting at home and that this probably was what created the more darker tones because I couldn’t see my work as well as if I was at college. The following pictures show the differences from when I first did them to when I re-worked them. The LEFT image being the improved and the RIGHT being the original.

11173452_467738753375434_33559699_n 11101539_467727743376535_1131521080_n

The painting here was improved by Richard’s advice. He started off by adding different tones of colour to the painting to lighten certain areas and to pick out the darker areas more vividly than I had done.
I actually think the painting is an improvement from when I initially had done it.
I think also that maybe I sit too close to my work and therefore do not see the painting as a whole. I see it too close up which limits me and forces me to focus more on one part instead of the whole image.
Richard advised me to step back more and look at my work more regularly from a distance. This really does work and helps a great deal when painting.

11130769_467738756708767_1414443929_n 11169048_467727740043202_842613901_n

I went on to edit the other two paintings using Richard’s advice. I feel the painting above has a more realistic to feel to it now as the tines are softer and more like the colours in the photo.

I used Richard’s technique. He mixed a colour and then using a piece of paper dabbed a bit of the colour on the paper and then held it up to the photo to see if it matched accurately or not the image of Rhea. This helped immensely and I was therefore able to get the colours I wanted to match more or less exactly.


This painting I was actually quite happy with anyway however I did make some changes and from looking at it now I think it looks a lot better than it did. The colours again are softer and seem more realistic which is what I want.

Richard’s advise was really helpful and I feel that the three images are much improved because of it. I will continue to use the good advise of my tutors and hope that it carries on improving my work as I feel it has done here


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