‘The Creation’ is the world famous masterpiece created by Michelangelo which covers the ceilings of Rome’s Sistine Chapel. I am particular interested in ‘The Creation Of Adam’ and how Michelangelo perceives the first man created by the hands of God. He is the epitome of how we imagine the idealized figure. Very muscular and beautiful. I think Michelangelo wanted to capture the caliber of life through his vision of Adam and he did so wonderfully. It is a very elegant and captivation scene.

A small but important part of this particular iconic scene is the hands of God and the hands Adam. This particular part of Michelangelo’s masterpiece has been used hundreds of times all over the world and is one of the worlds most famous and important pieces of imagery. It is very powerful in a very subtle way. It is God the almighty creating the first man on Earth through the power of his hands. Whether you are religious or not and whatever meaning it hold fro each of us, it is still a powerful part of the ‘The Creation’ and Michelangelo really captures this.


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