Face Study

Because I have concentrated so much on the figure, I have neglected the more intricate parts of the human figure like the face, the eyes and the hands. Just before planning and preparing for my FMP and did do some hand studies and also of the eyes.


As part of my research and practical work I will do a lot of smaller studies to keep my skills fresh and techniques up. It is important to my work and because of what I am wanting to aim for in my FMP it is vital to my progression.
I want to create something more detailed than the work I did in units 5 and 6.

I took photos of some of my classmates and did some detailed drawings.


I did a side profile of Georgia and a detailed close up of one of her eyes. It is good practice for getting proportions correct and accurate. The techniques I use for drawing are what I have gained through life art and use them all the time.


I did a full portrait of Charlie. I used a normal HB pencil, a blender and a rubber. I really enjoyed doing this as portraits are not my specialty but I am quite pleased with the outcome. It is all very good practice and hopefully I will progress and improve greatly for when I do my final project.


This is a self portrait which again I did really enjoy doing. I used the same method and materials as I did when drawing Charlie. It is not quite finished in this photo. I would like to use a different medium on this. Maybe collage for my hair as again it is not something I am too familiar with but I think it will create a great effect and contrast against the grey and white tones.
I love using pencils as I am very much more fond of black and white images instead of colour. Whilst doing the FAD course I haven’t used pencil as much as I thought so for my research and practical work I will do a lot more sketches in my sketch book.


I feel that you can see my improvements through the work I have produced from the start of the course until now. I feel confident in drawing the figure. It comes more naturally to me than drawing someones face. But I think this is also down to the fact I really love drawing the figure. The human body is so interesting and also every single one is completely different. This major element makes work more diverse and original. That is why I feel it also important I use my own visual research to produce practical work as it original which makes it more personal and compelling.


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